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Level 1 Geography Trip to Auckland Volcanoes

On Friday the 19 March, both Geography classes taught by Mrs F. Khan as well as Mr D. Girven proceeded to visit 4 volcanoes in the city of Auckland.

These volcanoes were Mt Wellington (Maungarei), One Tree Hill (Maungakiekie), & Mt Eden (Maungawhau). The last volcano that we were scheduled to visit was the Auckland Domain (Pukekawa) but due to certain travel issues and difficulties, we were unable to reach our destination. 

Going on this trip was a great experience to see and comprehend certain aspects of how the native Maoris and Early European settlers perceived and utilised Auckland Volcanoes. It was also a fun day, full of learning new things as well as discussing and deepening our understanding of Maori Pa sites, European Quarries, and the purpose of terracing.

Thank you to Mr Given, Mrs Khan and Mr Devereaux for a great experience. This was a great affair to participate and attend because personally it helped me understand more about the subject of Geography and how New Zealand Geography is important to its history.

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