Japanese Department - Year 10 and Levels 1-3

Cooking Lesson and Zoom Lesson. Year 10 students had their second cooking lesson and tried authentic Japanese food. The dish they learnt to cook is called "San-shoku Gohan" (three colour rice). Here is the recipe.

  1. Cut beans and cook in boiling water. Drain and add salt and pepper.
  2. Cook eggs in a pan. Add salt, sugar, and pepper.
  3. Cook minced chicken with rice wine, soy sauce, sugar and honey until chicken is cooked and dry.
  4. Place 1-3 on rice and enjoy!

Levels 1-3 students had 3 ZOOM lessons to improve their speaking skills. They talked to students at Okushiri High School in Hokkaido, Japan, in English and Japanese on different topics. 

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