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Japanese Department News October 2020

Japanese classes have been having various activities in the last few weeks.

Level 1 and 2 students had a delicious lunch at a Japanese restaurant after they have finished all the work set at the tutorial during the school break. Level 2 students went to Udon Works on Dominion Road to try authentic Japanese udon noodles. Udon Work is the only restaurant specialised with Udon in Auckland and it is one of the best Japanese restaurants in New Zealand according to Takeda Sensei. Year 11 boys had lunch at Wasabi Sushi and Donburi Japanese restaurant in Henderson which is Takeda sensei's favourite restaurant in West Auckland.

In the meantime, Year 10 have had a lesson to improve their skills in Japanese calligraphy. They are steadily improving and produced a work of art as seen in the photos. 

Last but not the least, 7K students started learning Japanese in the past week and composed a song with the Japanese words they have learned so far. Singing and dancing is a great way to learn a new language and some students in the class did very well. Hope you enjoy their performance.


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