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Japanese Department News June 2020

Not "sayoonara (goodbye)" but "Ja, mata (see you)", Year 8 Japanese classes.

Two Year 8 Japanese students completed their study of the language for 2020.  To mark the end of their Japanese study, they had two special lessons: Shopping lesson and Making Onigiri (rice ball) lesson.

In the shopping lesson, the boys used all the language they practiced to learn in class in a more authentic way.  They set up a shop and sold paper food as shop assistants, then visited shops to buy paper food using fake money as a customer.  They were so excited and had a lot of fun.  In the Onigiri lesson, the boys loved the simple way to enjoy the taste of rice. 

I would like to say big thank you to the boys for selecting to study Japanese this year, working hard to improve their skills and showing me smiles on ZOOM during the lockdown. I wish all of them all the best for the second semester.

K. Takeda

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