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Japanese Class News - September 2021

The students in the Japanese classes are continuing to improve their skills in the language during the lockdown. We had two language and culture exchange lessons with the students of Mooka Hokuryo High School in Tochigi in Week 9 of Term 3. The language/culture exchange with Liston College is one of the projects in order for Mooka Hokuryo HS to join the UNESCO school group.

Year 11 class had a language exchange lesson with the Mooka students who study English Conversation class. Year 10 students were invited to join their Rice Harvest Festival. (Mooka Hokuyo HS has a rice field in their school ground.)

The language and culture exchange of the two schools was reported in the local newspaper in Tochigi Prefecture.

Nāku te iti noa, nā

     Kazue Takeda

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