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Japanese Class News - November 2020

The Japanese Department continues to be busy with various activities.

On Monday, 9 November we had a Japanese Lunch Day. The Japanese class students enjoyed an authentic lunch delivered to the school.  

Then on Friday 13 November, four Year 10 students took part in the New Zealand Secondary School Japanese Trivia Championship organised by New Zealand Association of Japanese Language Teachers. They had a lot of fun competing against the teams from other schools. Thank you to Mr Devereaux for taking the boys to the venue. 

On 9 & 17 November, Year 9 and Year 10 classes had a language/culture exchange lessons with a primary school in Ichihara City, Japan. Ichihara City is a host city of New Zealand athletes for Tokyo Olympics. The online exchange was coordinated by the New Zealand Embassy in Japan and North Asia Centre of Asia Pacific Excellence. It is always great for Japanese class students to have an opportunity to try their language skills in an authentic situation. Many boys did very well. 

Nāku te iti noa, nā



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