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Edmund Rice Street Retreat

Six Year 12 students attended the annual Edmund Rice Street Retreat held at St. Thomas of Canterbury College in Christchurch during the October break gathering with 5 other Edmund Rice Colleges.

The main theme of the retreat was servant leadership, which was felt well throughout the retreat.

The visit to St. John of God let us interact with those physically challenged. Similarly, the theme was expanded visiting the Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul and Christchurch City Mission letting us help the less fortunate and experience hardships they face.

The real eye opener came during the visit to Christchurch Women’s Prison. The charism of Edmund was strongly felt in meeting prisoners and touring their daily lives.

Each night, reflections took place of all that happened. 

A challenge of $15 between a group of twelve tested us to live homeless furthermore to make the experience authentic, all students roughed it outside in the cold Christchurch night sleeping with only cardboard and sleeping bags!

Concluding, we went out to New Brighton Bay beach to reflect by drawing in the sand our experience.

Thanks to Mr Leader from St. Thomas of Canterbury and Mr Devereaux, for the fantastic organisation.

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