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Distance Learning Expectations and Guidelines

Distance Learning Expectations and Guidelines


1.  Put your health and your family first

2.  Distance learning procedure: 

We will prioritise Distance Learning in this order: Contact/Engagement/Content 

  • Contact: Teachers will establish contact with students via Teams. If this fails, email and/or direct contact to parents will follow.  
    1. Year 7 students and their parents can expect further details from Chris Rooney, our principal, and Dan Girven, the Year 7 dean.  
  • Engagement: Form teachers and subject teachers will meet with each of their classes via TEAMS video conference. Liston will not be using other programmes such as Zoom. 
  1. Juniors: (7-10) A minimum of one Teams meeting per subject per week 
  2. Seniors: (11-13)  A minimum of two Teams meeting per subject per week

All Teams meetings must be held during timetable class times to avoid clashes with other subjects.  Students need to refer to the calendar function on Teams to check when their next meeting is. 

  • Content: Content/activities/tasks will be posted regularly and will reflect the same amount of work expected during an average week for that subject. For example, if a student has four English lessons per week, he can expect approximately four hours of English work to be completed for that week. 

3. Please keep in mind…

  • Teachers will aim to issue outline/expectations for work once a week. If lockdown continues into next week and beyond, teachers will issue outlines to students on the same day/time so students can manage their workload. 
  • Co-teaching pairs may split into channels for smaller face-to-face meetings.  
  • Some subjects will require more face-to-face contact than others.  
  • Please also be aware that many teachers are managing their own children and their distancing learning, as such, some teachers may be more flexible than others. 

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