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College Sports Vaccination Requirements

As a member school of College Sport Auckland, Liston College agree to abide by legal bylaws which are put in place by the College Sport Board for all such schools.

In December 2021, an additional bylaw requiring the use of vaccine passports for any student wishing to participate in a Secondary School Sport event was added to their bylaws. This has systematically become a requirement for most sporting opportunities in 2022. 


This new process requires school Sports Departments to confirm the vaccination status of all students registering at the time of entry for a sports code. Following on from this, students may be requested to show their vaccination passport at any inter-school sport event. If they choose not to present this or are unable to present this, they will not be allowed to participate or enter a venue. 


Due to the nature of this process, it is a requirement for school sport staff to access vaccination information of students participating in a school organised sport. However, the school or its staff will not retain a copy of any vaccination passport or be held responsible for the student not carrying their vaccination pass and presenting it should they be asked.


At this stage, under the red light setting, there is also a “no-spectator” policy at all College Sport events. Along with players, only officials, coaches and managers will be allowed into the event venue. 


In conjunction with the College Sport bylaws, a decision has been made that all Liston College sport teams competing in inter-school competitions will require officials, coaches and managers, as well as students, to be fully vaccinated where they are to be involved in any practice game or team meetings.  

We thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Stephen Dooley                                                                                Tane Hughes                                     

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