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Catholic Schools Day

On Wednesday 29 September, we celebrated Catholic Schools Day.

The theme of Catholic Schools Day 2021 was Tūrangawaewae: Catholic Schools – A Place to Stand.

To promote the Special Character of Liston College, the Social Justice Leaders and Prefects put together the following videos. 

Social Justice Leaders Video.

Prefects Video

Our schools are part of something much bigger than themselves, namely the Catholic Church. This community of faith finds its local expression in the parish and the school. It is in this context that we reflect on our schools as Tūrangawaewae, a place to stand. This place to stand comes from belonging to the school community but also beyond that to the Church community of faith. We know that we extend this welcome also to those who may not be from our faith community. This gift of hospitality and desire to share what we have with others, is at the heart of the gospel call. This is the place where we have a right and desire to belong to, it is Tūrangawaewae for all. Our Catholic schools as places of belonging allow us to celebrate and grow in what we have in common, what binds us together. As Christian people it is our baptism in Christ. It is also the call of the Gospel and the Church to live in the way that Jesus taught us.  

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