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Boys Showcase Their Skills to Potential Employers at Trades Speed Meet

Year 12 and 13 students interested in gaining apprenticeships had an amazing opportunity to meet face to face with employers and recruiters at a ‘Got A Trade? Got it Made!’ Trades Speed Meet. Liston College hosted this event which was attended by eighteen of our boys and dozens of other students from schools across West Auckland.

The Trades Speed Meet was organised by industry training organisations and the Ministry of Education to give students the opportunity to explore different trades and introduce themselves to employers and organisations looking for apprentices. Trades represented included flooring, refrigeration, diesel engineering, construction, fabrication, glazing, infrastructure, automotive and support work. The New Zealand Defence Force was also present to discuss the many different trades pathways on offer and roles which it is recruiting for.

This was a fast-paced event as the boys moved from one station to another, thinking on their feet. Each student had five minutes to sell themselves to a representative, discuss their skills and qualities and ask questions before moving onto the next station. It was a great chance for students to practice interviewing skills and find out about trades they had not even considered before.

At the end of each interview, the students and the employers both had to state on the event App whether they were interested, possibly interested or not interested. Matches are then automatically made via the App so that follow-up chats, formal job interviews and work experience can be arranged. The feedback was that the employers were impressed with our students and how well prepared they were.

Our boys found the experience very worthwhile and the hope is that this will lead to some great apprenticeship opportunities. This event is likely to happen again next year.

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