Attendance dues for 2019

Attendance dues for 2019 : The attendance dues for 2019 have been set by the Auckland Common Fund Ltd

Attendance Dues are used to pay for buildings at Catholic Schools in the Auckland Diocese. Paying Attendance Dues is a condition of enrolment for all students enrolled at Auckland Cathoilic Schools.

Attendance dues are compulsory - there is a legal requirement for parents and caregivers to pay Attendance Dues.

After careful consideration, the Board of Directors of Auckland Common Fund Ltd, who represent the Proprietors of all the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Auckland, have reviewed the attendance dues payable for 2019.

  • Primary (Year 7-8)  $440.00 per year ($110 per term)
  • Secondary (Year 9-13)  $860 per year ($215 per term)

The Hardship Scheme operated by ACFL will continue to be available in 2019 to support families where a genuine need exists.

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