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Ambrose Batey-Charles’s car sculpture is a work of pride and passion. Ambrose loves going to the Speedway to watch the car races, crashes and to cheer on his favourite driver, Jaimie McDonald, in car number 71. Ambrose decided he wanted to create a car similar to car 71 except he chose the colour scheme that he thought would look the best.

The car sculpture project was initially inspired by artist Jeff Thomson’s HQ Holden – a 1974 Holden station wagon clad in corrugated iron that resides in the Te Papa Collection in Wellington. The project then moved away from the look of the corrugated finish and took on the chosen appearance of the learner’s interpretation. This project aims to engage the year 9 learners teaching them about visual arts in a real world context. This project also teaches them drawing skills which improves fine motor skills, cardboard construction which develops problem solving skills, how to papiere mâché which teaches them patience and perseverance, as well as stenciling and acrylic painting skills.

Abrose Batey Charles

Ambrose Batey-Charles

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