7N Meet the Vodafone Warriors

On Tuesday, 21st of May, 7N took a trip to Mt Smart Stadium to meet the Vodafone Warriors and understand the working of a stadium. We were greeted by Georgia Hale from the Warriors team, who welcomed us into the stadium. We explored the Warriors home wing to take a look at all the photos and awards the Warriors earned over the past 25 years as a club. We then sat in the stands of the stadium as Georgia explained and answered our interesting questions about the running of Mt Smart Stadium. We were keen to find out everything possible to help us with our upcoming project of designing and building our own stadium in Social Studies and Science.

7N were lucky enough to watch the Warriors warm up in their gym. We were overwhelmed by their facilities and willingness to have us there. We learnt about the values that have got the Warriors team and its players this far, and we were able to use the gym equipment that the Warriors use, as a class. We had a lot of fun pedaling bikes, running on the treadmill, practicing our tackling on the mats. Georgia talked to us about the importance of Education that is placed on the team as we sat where the Warriors would, in the Stacey Jones Room. This is where the team are taught, watch recordings of their plays and get together as a team.  

We stopped for lunch and actually got to see the warriors train for the game! We were delighted to see the Warriors practice their plays and ball skills. The best part of the day was at the end, when each of us got to meet every player of the Warriors team. We got to get one or two items signed by each warrior and have some photos too! We had signed backpacks, balls, phone covers and posters all covered in signatures! It was a great opportunity for some of our class to meet our role models and favourite NRL players.  

We returned to school by taking the train back to Liston College. This was great to see the Newmarket train station as we transferred to the Western line Train, and to experience travel on the train. Auckland Transport trains will inspire the trains we include in our stadiums. 

7N will never forget this trip! We are so thankful for the Warriors generosity and for the opportunity that Liston College, specifically Mr Swann, has offered us in our first year here.  

Lachlan Stuart 

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