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Table Tennis

Table Tennis

On the 14 November, six Year 7/8 boys travelled to Waitemata Table Tennis Stadium to participate in the Waitakere AAIMs Table Tennis Competition against around ten other schools. We had two pairs of doubles: Theo Hall & Amaan Mohamed and Louis Murrell & Aiden Hiebendaal, as well as two singles players: Max Enderby and Rodrigo Benevides Panassollo.

The boys played very well, with Amaan and Theo making second place in the boys’ doubles, due to a narrow loss to Green Bay in the final.

In the singles event, both Rodrigo and Max went undefeated for much of the competition, with Rodrigo losing in the semifinals against the eventual champion and Max losing in the finals after a tough game.

This competition was both fun and educational for the boys, as some of them had never played competitive table tennis before. I hope more opportunities such as this come again, to facilitate the growing Liston sport that is Table Tennis.

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