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Life Changers Programme

Life Changers has been an amazing experience. Over the last week we have learnt so many skills to help us grow as young Liston men. We have found our inner heroes, set goals, and played problem solving games. All of these were super interactive.

I myself completed a survey where I rated how well I did things; I have set important goals for the summer, and I have learnt how to keep my body healthy. We learnt how to deal with stress such as ‘breathing in and out’, reflection on our health and learnt to exercise 30 minutes each day to keep us fit and physically active. Finally, my class and I played a game called ‘The Grid’, in which we practiced resilience and problem solving.

The best thing yet is that the programme is to continue for us next year, so we can learn even more.

To sum it up, Life Changers is a fun and educational experience. I hope all students are given the opportunity to undertake these workshops, as it can give them life skills that will help all young people to cope and plan for our future.

I am glad that this programme has come to Liston College.

Jay Leighton

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