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Old Boy Success - Hanzhong Kang

Concert details.

Hanzhong Kang is a proud alumnus of Liston College (Class of 2018, International Student), currently studying Music Composition (Master) at the University of Auckland. 

He would love to extend an invitation to you for my musical concert scheduled on 21 October this year. 

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Hanzhong would also like to convey his heartfelt gratitude to Liston College. He has said "the education and guidance I received here have been paramount in shaping my journey in the world of music.  I remain eternally grateful to my teachers: Mr. Paul Houghton, Mr. H. Hickey, Mrs. MacLeod, Mrs. Wolhuter, and Ms. Takeda. And I want to express my gratitude to Lucy for her assistance with my university studies three years ago."

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