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International Students (22-09-23)

Term 3 wrap up!

The International Department has now moved on to close academic monitoring during exam time. The students are all working hard to gain credits. It’s heartening to hear feedback from teachers about some of the boys doing very well. There are strong indications of a few very high grades coming.

We have confirmed several groups for next year. Repeat visits are a great endorsement of what we have delivered this year. We already have Japanese students enrolling for Term 1, three short-term groups, and some full-year enrolments being worked on from Thailand, Mexico, and China. 

As the holidays approach, this will be a great time for our international students to enjoy some good Kiwi weather after a busy Term 3. They deserve a break. I look forward to catching up with them after the holidays to hear interesting stories about their time off. 

As we move into the final quarter of the academic year, it is with great pride that we look to next year with confidence that the Liston College International Program is alive, well, and growing. 

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