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Special Character 08.09.23

Special Character * Social Justice Week * Year 12 Retreats

Social Justice Week 

Pope Francis encourages us to look back over the past few years and to consider what we have learnt and more importantly what we can do differently. He reminds us that it is time to build a better world and that we need one another to do this.

When there is unfairness, inequality, or injustice in the world, this leads to conflict, fighting and at times a sense of hopelessness. Pope Francis asks us to think about how we can make the world a better place. How do we make sure that everyone is cared for, that everyone is treated fairly, that we live peacefully and care for creation? When we can do this, he reminds us that we will be active participants in building God's kingdom.

2023 marks the beginning of a three-year Social Justice Week programme. The overarching theme for the three years is “Imagine Peace For All” and our starting point is understanding that “Peace begins with you!”

At Liston College this week, our students have been focusing on Social Justice in their RE lessons and understanding the importance of positive actions to ensure fairness and equity for each individual person.


Year 12 Retreats

On Friday 1st September the Year 12 students had their annual retreat at Te Pai courts. The retreats were led by Logos and supported by the Year 12 RST teachers Mrs Paul, Mrs Dalton and Mrs McGregor.

As the following week was Catholic Social Justice week the activities were designed to give students an opportunity for faith formation and spiritual growth. Practical and reflective activities were provided for all students to be involved and they participated with much enthusiasm and zeal.

The day ended with a peaceful and reflective session that had them thinking more about how they could grow as leaders and become fully integrated members of our society.


Mrs Paul and Mr Swann

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