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International Students 08.09.23

This has been a great year for the Liston International program. During term 3 we have hosted many students, seeing them join our mainstream classes, attend bespoke language courses, and get involved with school sports.

Our new long-term students have assimilated well into school routines. With upcoming assessments, they are busily preparing to gain credits. 

During an extended period of travel restrictions, our program was largely dormant. To see it come back to life this year is fantastic. We have received positive feedback from all those who have visited, and all have committed to returning next year. This endorsement of our program is of great importance to our school culture. The students at Liston College have been outstanding representatives of our community and our country. 

The buddies who guide new students show great pride in their roles. Many students have expressed interest in becoming buddies for future groups, demonstrating the welcoming culture we have cultivated in our school. 

With strong, and growing interest in 2024 enrolments, we are accepting new homestay families to fill our allocation. If you would like to become a host family, don’t hesitate to contact the school to begin the process.  

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