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Basketball Highlights

This season we were fortunate enough to have 13 teams ranging from Intermediate teams to our Liston College Premier teams. By having this diversity amongst Basketball within Liston College, meant we were able to develop the support surrounding the sport.

There were often games where Liston supporters packed out the environment which helped create a community environment. This will continue to be a future goal for Basketball at Liston College to create a motivating, positive and supportive atmosphere for our players!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our coaches and managers for each team this season. We deeply appreciate the hard work and dedication you put in. We would not have had such a good outcome this year if it weren’t for you who good-willing put your hand up. We understand the commitment and time you have given up to lend a helping hand. We hope you know that you are valued, appreciated and respected.

Thank you to:

  • Jemma Palmer, Zoe Fyhn, Ben Vaipaata, Elisa Tufala, Toina Selu – Premier Team
  • Kristall Jooste, Batiri Hughes – Under 19 Gold and Under 19 Maroon
  • Yaqob Demeke, Paula McElhinney, Alistair Laing, Jemma Palmer – Under 17 Gold and Under 17 Maroon
  • Tylo Baatjes, Godfrey Hlahla, Arlene Taylor, Julito Tabumpama, Scott Murrell, Sarah Maughan – Junior Premier Team, Under 15 Gold and Under 15 Maroon
  • Cam Couper, Joe Remedios, Gemma McQuaid, Fahimah Khan, Heather Kennedy, Joseph Warren, Loma Rodan, Annabel Dooley, Marlon Turno – AIMs Team, Western Zone Team, Intermediate Gold, Intermediate Maroon and Intermediate Grey

Many of our teams have now finished for the season with our Premier team finishing in a few weeks. Our intermediate program will also continue until next term at the Massey YMCA. We wish them luck to finish their respective seasons. 

We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to develop Liston men through the tool of sport, one of those being Basketball. Students strived for sport excellence, great sportsmanship and developed resilience on and off the court. Due to the nature of sport, we understand it does not always go to plan. However, we recognise and congratulate the resilience and commitment each player had this season. This will continue to be an expectation for future years to come. It was great to see that each team, player, coach, manager and supporter was part of a larger community that they each contributed to. 

Overall, this season created a stable foundation for Basketball at Liston College to flourish in the future. A main highlight of Basketball this year was that there more teams than ever before. The participation rates exceeded our expectations, which means we have more students who are physically active and representing Liston College with pride. 

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