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Message from Principal 30.06.23

Liston Man Tracking   

If it is ever necessary to interview enrolment applications, the truth is - it’s not about assessing the boy. Boys are boys - individually unique and all full of wonder and tremendous potential.    No, any enrolment interviews are not about these wonderful boys - enrolment interviews are about values alignment. They are about checking the family values align with the school values.   What is my point?   Actually, it is very simple. Liston’s unchanging values is its point of difference. Liston Values described as Respect, Presence, Courage and Excellence - are the reason behind any success and defines how we deal with any issues. We are experiencing high enrolment interest at the moment - my job is to check values align before the family is enrolled.    To this end we have begun to formalise what will be common place for all 822 students… Liston Man Tracking.   Key objective data that shows whether our young boys are on track towards becoming Liston Men, with Liston values: 

  • Attendance - 95%+ (serious medical reasons exempt)
  • Punctuality to class - 100%
  • Uniform standard - 100%
  • Weekly effort grade average - 3.8+
  • Co-curricular Liston Representation - Minimum 1 per year (Sport, Music, Cultural or Service groups)
  • Academic goal - aspirational and memorised!

 Three key points:   

1.  The above data allows crucial one on one relationship building conversations to happen between, form teachers, subject teachers, deans, academic trackers, teacher mentors, senior leaders and myself.   

2. Data is a disinfectant - it is the first thing step to treating issues that inevitably arise and it gives meaning and direction to the critical conversations that happen afterwards.  

3. Every boy is unique and needs to be seen that way - however, we know that if a teenage boy strives to meet the above criteria they are on the right path to reaching their potential.  Having this hope in their hearts is what it means to live our school motto - In Christ we Live.  

Parents and caregivers - We thank you for your patience during strikes, we thank you for your support during tough times and we thank you for your continued and vital partnership as we all surround our boys with values that will lead to full and healthy lives as men.   

Have a safe school break and we look forward to what will be an important term 3 to make up for lost class time in term 2.   

Congratulations to:   

 - Fange Chen Wu, Riley Wang and Paul Guo who have been selected for the KBB Music Festival Honours Programme    

 - Intermediate Gold Basketball Team, winners of the Henderson Valley Basketball Competition, going through undefeated.   

Ngā manaakitangi  

God Bless 

Steve Dooley

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