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Year 7's Celebrate

Year 7s celebrate their first 100 days at Liston College.

On Wednesday afternoon, our new students celebrated the completion of the 100 day induction program.  The aim of the program is to help our new year 7 students to transition from Primary School to Liston College. During the program, all year 7 students completed activities alongside their peers and their form teacher to gain knowledge about what makes Liston the unique school it is. 

Our year 7 teachers led a successful afternoon shared by students and staff, and joined together in Karakia led by Isaiah Maylam. A shared lunch followed which filled the tables in the gym and showcased the diversity of our new cohort. This was a special opportunity for students to celebrate their hard work over the past two terms, and their commitment to our school values. 

Well done to the following boys who received the following awards:

Strong engagement during the 100 day programme 

Luke Fernandes


Jaden Book


Embodies the year 7 value of respect

Ethan Walker


Troy Peterson


Levi Viljoen


Alijah Bardey 


Thank you to our 7 teachers, Dean Ms Andrews, Mr Dooley and Mr Girven coming to celebrate. A very special thank you to our parents and caregivers for providing and preparing the variety of kai, and for your continued support throughout the year.

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Liberating Education

Gospel Spirituality

Inclusive Community

Justice & Solidarity