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Special Character News 16.06.23

The Young Vinnies Programme and Year 9 Retreats.

The Young Vinnies Programme

The Young Vinnies programme continued this term. Despite the rostering home. 

Our Vinnies leaders were commissioned earlier at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and as part of their Young Vinnies service, they organised workshops at Liston College with our younger volunteer students during their lunchbreak.

The workshops focus on Social Justice themes and how our students can identify the problems and provide possible solutions or strategies to help support those in our community who experience poverty and homelessness.

Year 9 Retreats 

The Year 9-year group went on their Retreats this week. For many,  this was their first retreat experience coming into a Catholic school.  Led by Logos, a Catholic youth ministry group who led school retreats for the Auckland diocese. 

The year 9 students experienced a prayer liturgy, some fun engaging faith activities and discussing what some bible scriptures mean to them. 

An enjoyable and engaging retreat had by all. A big thank you to Logos and the Year 9 RST teachers for leading the retreats.  

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