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Message from the Principal 31.03.23

Performance when it counts… a casualty of lockdowns

As adults we know opportunities in life have critical moments. If only we could go back in time and say to our younger selves - “right now is when it counts… hard work is not a bad thing… be afraid of nothing”

These critical moments create opportunities and demand that we are at our best, at a point in time… when it counts.

In terms of senior academic performance for 2023 - right now is when it counts.

This may seem strange to those of us over 30 years old because we remember our schooling Iife when the end of year exam was when it counts. Please know…this is not the case with NCEA. 

For our Years 11, 12 and 13 students it counts right now because all of these boys are in the process of completing their first round of assessments for each subject. How they perform in these assessments will determine their opportunities for the rest of the year and beyond. 

Any student who doesn’t perform to the best of their ability in these term 1 assessments will receive significant attention from our Deans and academic tracking team. At stake is their permission to:

  • receive home study leave at the end of the year 
  • attend the school ball 
  • be free to study at home during Wednesdays period 5

Last year when we engaged these boundaries - some of the boys who had not performed at their best due to disorganisation or laziness complained. However, what was very encouraging was the support from our parents. Not one parent complained or thought we were being too tough. Every parent it seemed, understood that for boys to be at their best they needed to be motivated and supported us. Parent support with school is essential.

My observation of NZ students over the last 3 years due to covid and lockdowns is many have not been taught the necessary resilience required to perform at their best when it counts. 

To track how our Liston boys are performing when it counts we have our Senior Academic Tracking evenings happening early term 2. 

Please note: 100% attendance from every student and caregivers is required. 

My thanks in advance for your continued support of our teachers as we work in partnership with you to ensure your son leaves Liston with the best possible qualifications he is capable of. 

The Academic Tracking Evening dates for Years 11, 12 & 13 are:

  • Tuesday 23 May
  • Wednesday 24 May

Please lock the dates in your diaries. Further details will be sent out next term.

  • Good luck - to our 1st V Premier Basketball team who have a crucial playoff match against St Peter’s College on Monday night. We want as many Liston supporters there as possible - Monday 6.30pm @ St Dominics Gym.
  • Thank you - to our Staff and students who worked hard to create an excellent Open Evening on Thursday. Having a packed gymnasium was a thrill and we look forward to another strong enrolment year.
  • Congratulations- to our Liston Men of the Week…
    • Year 7 Ethan Walker
    • Year 8 Ryan Zhou 
    • Year 9  Caesar Chang  
    • Year 10 Te Ruia Shepherd 
    • Year 11 Ray Mabulay 
    • Year 12 Slade Wiezorek
    • Year 13 Simi Veatupu  

God bless 

Ngā manaakitanga   

Steve Dooley 



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