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Library News February 2023

Did you know....

The library app can be viewed anywhere from any device. There are two different apps - one for phones and one for other devices.

Students can:

  • look up their record
  • see what they have out
  • renew items
  • reserve titles
  • have a look at quality online databases (Web app only)
  • get research and study tips (Web app only)

To download the app onto a phone,

Download the app "Accessit Library" from the playstore

Tap the QR code reader in the App

Scan the QR code:

You can now log in using firstname.lastname or student id number and your password (network password)

To get to the web app: go to

To log on use firstname.lastname or student id number and password is the network login

Watch the "How to use the web app" video to know how to get the most out of it.

Have fun exploring!

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