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Pastoral Care Update

Tuesday was a fantastic start to the school year with all new to school students clapped into our first yard assembly for 2023. The assembly was then capped off with Mr Dooley formally introducing the Prefects team for this year. To say there was a buzz around school is an understatement, we’re finally back!


Our trial is proving very successful thus far with teachers reporting far more engagement in classes without boys being distracted by their phones. We thank you for your support with this. please continue to remind your son to switch his phone off or put it on silent and his bag when school starts. 



The uniform is being worn proudly by 95% of our boys which is very pleasing. For a small minority, we are asking that uniform issues are fixed before the end of week three. This includes but isn’t limited to: backs on sandals, polishable shoes, shirts underneath school shirts and mending minor wear and tear. Parents, please remind your sons about these expectations. 



  • Shaving – being clean shaven is an expectation so please ensure that your son does not have facial hair. 
  • Earrings – if your son has a piercing, please remove this before leaving home, covering it with tape or a plaster is not acceptable. 
  • Hair – if your son has a rats tail it needs to be tied in a knot or cut off.


A reminder that your sons Dean is a key contact person, please find a list of all Deans and staff emails on our website’s contact page.


As a College we talk about respect a lot, it’s our year 7 value. Being well groomed, wearing the uniform with pride and following the school rules is an indicator of respect for oneself and the College. 


Kia pai te rā,

Daniel Girven, 

Deputy Principal - Pastoral Care 

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