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Mr Paul Houghton - Retiring Deputy Principal


Wednesday 8 December was my last day at Liston College after 42 years of service to the college. I started in 1978, as a classroom teacher, moved to St Bernard’s College Lower Hutt, as Deputy Principal in 1996, and returned to Liston in 1999 as Deputy Principal.
We as parents and educators have a dual role in developing the Liston Man, a man of faith, living out the Edmund Rice values and a man who strives for excellence in all that he does, in academics, the sports field and other pursuits he may participate in.
I am proud to have had some influence on such a large number of students and old boys over my time at Liston College. Liston Men walk proudly and contribute to our society selflessly.
Like our Year 13 leavers, I say my goodbyes to staff and students with a tear in my eyes and walk proudly out of the school knowing that I have fulfilled my calling, teaching our youth, whilst living out the Edmund Rice Traditions and the Liston Motto; In Christ We Live.
Paul Houghton
Words from Maria De Souza
Pope Francis said, “To be a teacher is to live a mission” and “Authentic power is service”

These two quotes exemplify Paul Houghton’s long and distinguished career at Liston College. Paul started at Liston College in 1978 and apart from a few years away at St Bernard’s College in Wellington, devoted his entire teaching career to this college.
Paul is a man of many talents and over the years in his capacity as Deputy Principal, was able to bring about change and influence several areas of the school - Pastoral Care, Curriculum, International Students, Property, Health and Safety, EOTC and Timetabling to name a few. His servant leadership earned him the respect, admiration and gratitude of both staff and students alike.
Over my time at Liston, I have worked closely with Paul and have been inspired by his work ethic, sometimes at great personal cost, his passion for life and learning, his commitment to the growth of people, his humility, empathy, perseverance, and love for this place called Liston. It has been a privilege to work alongside him, and he leaves behind a rich and lasting legacy.
Congratulations Paul, on an outstanding career! Best wishes for a long and happy retirement!

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