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Student Leaders 2023

Congratulations to the students selected to be our 2023 Prefects. They should all be proud of how they have carried themselves throughout the year.


  1. Simi Veatupu (Head Boy)
  2. Luigi Menoro (Deputy)
  3. Jayshal Singh (Deputy)
  4. Cedric Betham (Deputy)
  5. Luca Hickey 
  6. Armann Singh 
  7. Justin Romero 
  8. Dean Afable 
  9. Max Dillon 
  10. Paul Guo 
  11. Dominic O’ Grady 
  12. Manav Treekam 
  13. Lance Valete
  14. Ethan Matiseni 
  15. Ronish Chand 
  16. Gabriel Remedios 
  17. Raghnall Villalonga
  18. Christophe Murrell 
  19. Jaden Campbell 

We look forward to seeing the boys continue to grow as young Liston men as they strive for personal excellence. 

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