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Attendance Matters

Attendance - Why is it so important?

Attending school is compulsory by law. Children are legally required to be enrolled at and regularly attend school between the ages of six and sixteen. If this doesn't happen then parents, caregivers, whānau, whoever is ultimately responsible for that child can be prosecuted. Here at Liston College, our expectation is that your son has a 90% attendance rate.

When students are in class, they will learn better than when online. If there is no other option except online learning then that is better than nothing but being physically in the classroom is the best environment for your son to learn.
Social skills are developed when at school. Even if your son is having a rough patch, developing those important skills of resilience, persistence and communication are so important.
Sometimes there are issues that are beyond your control that affect your son’s attendance. Please contact your son's Dean if you need some support in improving his attendance.


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