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Message from Steve Dooley Principal 21.10.22

Liston Men of genuine depth…

Liston Men of genuine depth…


…Depth of respect and love for others

…Depth of effort towards personal excellence 



Good afternoon Parents,


It is great to see our men back at school this week!


We know talk is cheap…and character depth can not be bought cheaply. Character is real, unpretentious and humble. 


The two character qualities stated at the top in italics are the essential ingredients towards becoming a genuine Liston Man and these two qualities will be at the heart of our culture as a school.


If we are honest, these two qualities are counter-cultural to much of society’s values today… but that is deliberate. 


We want our Liston boys - making a difference with their difference as men.


Thank you for your continued support and vital partnership.


Congratulations to our Liston Men of the Week:

  • Year 7 - Matteo Ortiz 
  • Year 8  - Aniq Hamza Aziz 
  • Year 9 - Edward Mafi
  • Year 10 -  Remy Franich
  • Year 11 - Jared Lucas 
  • Year 12 - Alexander Sims 
  • Year 13 - Rapheal Dakanay 


 Ngā manaakitanga

Steve Dooley


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