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Going Rubbish Bin Free at Liston

Rubbish bin free Liston trial begins Week 4 of this term,

One of our strategic pillars is Environment (Taiao) whereby we adopt and normalise environmentally friendly processes and systems throughout all school operations. We’ve identified that we’re not adhering to this with our current rubbish system, so much so, it is at a level that we are not proud of. Therefore, we will be making some sustainable changes which will promote Kaitiakitanga and looking after our environment; Rubbish bin free and Litterless lunches.


In Week 4, Term 4 all outdoor rubbish bins will be removed from school grounds except our newly painted Tuck Shop Trash Bins. This means, the only outdoor rubbish bins on site will be located at the Tuck Shop. These bins are painted and colour coded for general waste and recycling. Tuck shop waste can go in these bins along with waste from home lunches. We feel this is also an opportune time to promote Litterless lunch box ideas whereby students bring lunches that produce little to no waste (see below for ideas). Of course, an alternative would be to, like our beautiful regional parks, take our waste from packed lunch boxes,  back home and dispose of it responsibly. 


We acknowledge and thank the many families who are already packing waste free lunches, and are actively encouraging their sons to dispose of their rubbish responsibly. Obviously this is going to have some teething issues and this is a trial, however our environmental team is going to be instrumental in this change. These changes will be role modelled and reinforced by staff who are going to actively encourage picking up rubbish and taking it to the Tuck shop Trash, having waste free lunches or taking what is brought to school back home. 


The goal is to create a college that produces less waste, students who take more pride in their surroundings, and as a community we become more aware and engaged as kaitiaki.


We look forward to working alongside you for this new initiative, and again please see the links below for ideas.



Kia pai te rā,

Daniel Girven

Director of Pastoral Care 

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