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Chinese Language Week 2022

This year, my friends and I decided to take the initiative to make Chinese language week more interesting.

With the help of our Non-Chinese friends and the support of Takeda Sensei, we planned to host a dumpling sale. We sold about 400 dumplings and raised about $150 that have been donated to the Liston table tennis club.

I would like to thank Takeda Sensei, the boys who helped, and everyone who supported us by purchasing dumplings. In the future, we are looking forward to holding more events to celebrate different cultures. 

Xie Xie. Felix Wang, Year 10

I also would like thank Mrs Jun Li Ma, Mrs Weiwei Vivian Wang and Jiameng who spent so much time to make all the dumplings and for the generous donation.

 大感謝了。K. Takeda


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