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Liston Men of the Week - 21.10.22

Congratulations to the Liston Men of the Week.

Year 7 - Matteo Ortiz : For helping a fellow student struggling with RST content, all upon the completion of his own work. 

Year 8  - Aniq Hamza Aziz : For engineering the most impressive paper plane in our class physics experiment. 

Year 9 - Edward Mafi : For his positive attitude towards all he does in Drama, his focus and effort as a learner and his concern for others. 

Year 10 -  Remy Franich: Cleaning litter from under the stage when sent to empty bins. 

Year 11 - Jared Lucas : For taking responsibility of his learning and putting in the mahi to get his credits in Environmental Science this year. 

Year 12 - Alexander Sims : Act of kindness in his form class - a role model for younger students.

Year 13 - Rapheal Dakanay : Great effort and time in not only his own design work but also in providing outstanding feedback and discussions around character design, environment design and how atmospheres look in different art styles for the Y12 students. Has become a role model to them. 

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