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Message from Steve Dooley, Principal. 23.09.22

Liston Men – Men of Aspiration

Finally - a published article that describes the real crisis going on in education. And the issue is a male one.


In the article by Radio NZ the following facts are laid bare:


  1. The percentage of university students who are men has reached an all-time low of 39 percent, and it is worrying universities.
  2. The figure is lower than the UK and Australia where 43 to 44 percent of students are men.
  3. Last year 48 percent of the girls who left school had university entrance but for boys the figure was 34 percent. 


I’d like to add facts of my own:


  1. NZ boys schools buck this trend with 58% of boys at boys schools achieving University Entrance. 
  2. Liston College 2021 University Entrance rate was 76%
  3. Liston’s goal? …In 3 years reach 90% University Entrance rate. Placing us inside the top 10-15 schools in the country.



Whilst the 90% goal requires belief and hard work from staff and students - please know that the strategy to achieve the above is not complicated - it is committing to a culture of High Expectations and High Support. Parents, let me use the last two weeks to describe how you play a critical role in this. 


Special Character – a fortnight ago the national Edmund Rice conference was held for the first time at Liston… and our staff and boys were tremendous.


Cultural – two consecutive weeks celebrating cultures vital to Liston. Tongan week followed by Te Reo Language week… and our staff and boys were tremendous.


Sports – Last weekend two development rugby teams selected for a formation camp achieved two close wins over Rosmini College …and our staff and boys were tremendous.


Creative Arts – On Wednesday evening Liston held its inaugural Creative Arts showcase. Yes, once again our staff and boys were tremendous. I have to say the teachers vision, passion and ability to bring community together was a privilege to witness.


In all of the above inaugural Liston events parents supported the school strongly by supporting their sons strongly. 


Parents, I am also asking for your support with academics.


Over this holiday break, please ensure your sons maintain study routines. Regardless of what they may or may not tell you they can all improve on the quality of their grades in term 4!


Your sons are the next generation of integrity driven community leaders, loving husbands and proud Fathers... also ensuring they are highly qualified is an important step to making the most of all the opportunities life offers.


Ngā manaakitanga 


Steve Dooley



(A link to the radio NZ article is found here)

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