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Year 11, 12 & 13 Retreats 2022

During term 3 our Year 11s, 12s and 13s had a retreat held at Te Pai courts run by Logos. A fun, engaging and spiritual experience had by all.

Report by Aiden Leong -Year 11. 


The Year 11 Retreat this year was hosted during the final weeks of Term 3 at a venue at the Te Pai Netball Centre. The retreat had the theme of “Worth”. We were lucky to have been hosted and led by the Logos Group. We did fun activities, Group Trivia Quizzes, Self-Worth Pyramid Activity, and a General Discussions. All centered on the topic of Worth.

This was a time of personal reflection and personal growth. We were also able to interact with the boys. We were randomly separated into groups for the day. Through the various activities we did, it challenged our teamwork communication skills, and to get comfortable by working with people we don’t normally talk to.

The main takeaway from the retreat is that self-worth comes from within and not from exterior factors. We learnt materialism is a common commodity that is used to perceive one’s worth, especially our generation growing up in the digital age, via social media we are always keeping up with trends.

We also discussed that originality is important by being yourself organically. We ended the day all happy.  A big thank you to the Religious Education Department for organizing our retreat and to the Logos Group for giving up their time.

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