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Liston Men of The Week - 23.09.22

Congratulations to the Liston Men of the Week.

Year 7 - Joshua Earls for volunteering to pick up litter along the perimeter of the fields. 

Year 8  - Jeremiah Kulene - He has been outstanding on his care of his cousin, not only in class but also for his encouragement of homework. 

Year 9 - Lucas Nel for accepting feedback and implementing the necessary focus to achieve well in his most recent assessment. 

Year 10 - Victory Lo Tam  for being polite, kind and helpful. Has been encouraging members of his class to complete work to a higher quality and in turn supporting the groups achievement. 

Year 11 - Slade McFarlane for Leadership and Service in Kapa Haka. 

Year 12 - Carlos Imperial for showing concern for a boy who had a bad nose bleed in the bathroom rather than just leaving him alone. 

Year 13 - Kade Young - Kade has put in a huge amount of effort to keep up with his subject deadlines, always happy to give peer critiques to his classmates to help lift the whole class academically.

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