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Liston College Old Boy - Nathan Lobo

Nathan Lobo (class of 2020), Studying at Seattle University, Washington, USA and playing football for Seattle U.

Liston was a fun, loving, and memorable time of growth in my life. I spent 7 years there, beginning in 2014 and graduating as the Deputy Head Boy in the class of 2020, making tons of close friends who are still with me today. Throughout the years at Liston, I ventured into various divisions both academically and athletically. Academically, when allowed to pick subjects, I dabbled in the sciences and Japanese with the always smiling Miss Takeda. Slowly but surely, I came to realise that the science, math, and sport science route was the way to go for me. 


Athletically, through the younger years I represented Liston in Cricket, Softball and even an orienteering team. I didn’t even play football for the school for my whole 7 years but towards the later of those years I helped with the first XI when coach Mike Coupland and later Gieseueppe took over. While a student at Liston I was selected for the New Zealand U-17 team to go and compete in the 2018 OFC World Cup Qualifiers in Solomon Islands, the 2019 Panda Cup in China, and the 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Brazil. In my final year at Liston, I was in the New Zealand U-20 camp for the OFC U-20 World Cup qualifiers which was later cancelled, as well as the World Cup due to COVID, which was unfortunate. 


Since graduating from Liston, I started studying first year Biomedical Science at the University of Auckland, in preparation to go into the dietetics field this year. Athletically, I played for Auckland City who were undefeated in the 2022 Northern League season, as well as winning the OFC Champions League to qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup in Qatar. Bittersweet feelings were present when qualifying as both the club and I knew that I was moving on to a new opportunity overseas. 


By God's grace, I have been given a scholarship to study at Seattle University in the state of Washington, USA, and to play football for Seattle U. I am changing my field of study slightly and going into Diagnostic Ultrasound as I want to continue my goal of helping people especially with their recovery. 


Liston College, as I said previously, was a massive time of growth for me and the goals I have are influenced by the values instilled in me throughout my school years. The whole concept of a “Liston Man” is thrown around at school and as students we don’t think too much of it. After graduating, however, I’ve come to realise how real the Liston Man is, whether that be at university, at an event or even just at the supermarket. 


I’ve kept our scripture “act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God.” As when we act justly and love tenderly, the positivity spread is unmatched and the impact on some lives brings joy to me personally. Very important to that scripture is to walk humbly with your God and I believe in that fully as, being humble and putting God first is the key to getting anywhere in life. Without the core values of Liston, I do believe my outlook on life, how I treat people and my morals/values in my own life would be completely different. Therefore, I thank Liston for the friends, the opportunities and the morals they provided me with.


Cheers,  Nathan LOBO

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