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2020 School Fees

The Catholic Diocese, Auckland have set their 2020 school Attendance Dues.

Attendance Dues are used to pay for building related costs at Catholic Schools in the Auckland Diocese. Paying Attendance Dues is a condition of enrollment for all students enrolled in New Zealand Catholic Schools. Attendance Dues are compulsory – there is a legal requirement for parents and caregivers to pay Attendance Dues under the Education Act 1989.

Attendance Dues 2020

The Special Character contribution is collected on behalf of the Proprietor and is used to support the provision of Catholic Education Advisers in the Diocese and Professional Development for Teachers of Religious Education.

Years 7 to 13                       $ 12.50 per term per student ($50 per year, GST Exempt)

You will shortly be advised of the 2020 Liston College Parental Financial Contributions as set by the Board of Trustees. 

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