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Tongan Language Week 2022

Malo 'etau lava, This year’s theme for Uike Kātoanga’i ‘o e lea faka-Tonga - Tonga Language Week - is: Ke Tu'uloa 'a e lea faka-Tonga 'i Aotearoa, which means Sustaining the Tonga Language in Aotearoa. Ke Tu'uloa 'a e lea faka-Tönga′ 'i Aotearoa has a positive and progressive connotation. To support the overarching Language Weeks theme of Sustainability, the word TU'ULOA in the theme this year means to continuously grow, nurture, and sustain a valued idea, practice, event, or memory in an enduring way.

This week the boys filmed, edited, and released a series of videos acknowledging their Tongan heritage. The videos touched on topics like; the concept of Mafana, Tongan Faiva Dance, Faa'i Kaveikoula - the four core values of Tongan culture and of course Lea Fakatonga - the Tongan language. 

I would like to give a special Malo to all our Tongan students for hosting a successful Tongan Language week.

Mālō 'Aupito

Links to videos are here:

Liberating Education

Gospel Spirituality

Inclusive Community

Justice & Solidarity