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Message from Steve Dooley, Principal 26.08.22


Next year we will be increasing our expectation of the Liston Man. 

We will be giving the boys criteria and targets to meet across all areas of Liston school life. 

One of these criteria will be the expectation that every single Liston Man represents Liston College in at least one co-curricula activity.  Currently we estimate approximately 80% of our boys do this. Next year we want 100%. 

This newsletter you will see many examples of how boys can represent their school and experience success at the same time - but external success is not the main objective. Our expectation is that all of our Liston men will…

  • experience a community that cares deeply for them
  • represent and contribute to this same community to understand giving back is the non-negotiable to a full life 
  • feel belonging through this community - giving an inner strength that will take them into adulthood with confidence. 

Congratulations to the Liston Men of the Week

Year 7 - Cillian Kane-Kamden

Year 8 - Bailey Maughan 

Year 10 - Travis McDowall 

Year 11 -  Zac Donaldson 

Year 12 - Manav Treekam 

Year 13 - Josh Eivers & Jack Bonneywell

Steve Dooley


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